Amarcord is a multidisciplinary artistic project that integrates the most advanced technologies of motion tracking, augmented reality, CNC-steel bending, and robotic 3D printing.

Amarcord is the nostalgic re-evocation of the past veined with irony and humor. Amarcord is the memory of movement, the attempt to preserve its immediacy and freshness: that of the thousandth attempt, of the last working prototype, of the error that no one sees but that the experienced performer recognizes.

Strongly desired by the French dancer and artist Meryl Bougo, Amarcord was born from the collaboration of visionary companies.


GPEM and OMNICAP digitized the elegant choreography of Eric Sourdeau, performed by dancers Meryl Bougo and Andrea Barberi;


FASB transformed the trajectories of the movements into tubular steel structures bent by computerized numerical control machines;


eXgineering and GIMAC generated a 3D-printed polycarbonate shell with the most advanced techniques of extrusion at variable layer heights to symbolize the continuous and systematic variation of movement.


At the heart of the artwork, the algorithm created by Federico Bordoni at INDEXLAB orchestrates the interplay of motion and stillness, of the organic and the synthetic. Bent, duct taped, clamped down, perforated, oiled, riveted, and screwed, the iron tube twists to adhere to freeform geometries in space: it forms the indispensable infrastructure which allows the recording of time. Ethereal and transparent masses populate the rail, creating surreal landscapes of revolving adaptive geometries within. 


A project directed by INDEXLAB, sponsored and developed with: