The 1st 100% recycled 3D printed polycarbonate bike frame.


Currently on display at the Design Museum in Munich (Pinakothek der Moderne) as part of a selection of 70 bicycles spanning from the late 1800s to 2022 (THE BICYCLE CULT OBJECT - DESIGN OBJECT), New01bike represents the latest evolutionary link in the history of the bicycle. It exemplifies how design, technology, and materials combine to create a contemporary product that is in line with the most advanced design and production techniques. New01bike is conceived in the form of an algorithm to be produced through a non-planar 3D printing process. Personalization is in its DNA, allowing it to adapt to different sizes and aesthetic-functional features. The frame of New01bike is the first 100% recycled and recyclable polycarbonate frame. Utilizing technologies that involve robotic manufacturing and computational design processes, the New01bike’s first working prototype takes approximately eight hours to manufacture from start to finish, including printing, milling, and assembly.


New01bike is designed by INDEXLAB, a leading design and innovation research lab in Italy at Politecnico di Milano, and manufactured by eXgineering and GIMAC, leading companies in the realm of robotic additive molding and polymer extrusion.