Copagri pavilion

An evolutionary pattern for cost-effective timber structures

As a symbol of Italian food culture, the covered market constituted the inspiration behind the Italian Copagri pavilion for Milan’s Expo 2015. The pavilion, conceived by EMBT architects, is configured as two intersecting domes composed by a plurality of timber space frame elements woven into a complex pattern.
The client, Copagri, commissioned Indexlab to carry out the 3D-planning for digital fabrication. Indexlab developed an algorithmic model of the pattern capable of solving all geometrical issues through parametric design and iterative processes. The developed model also provided the timber construction manufacturer with the necessary files to efficiently produce 338 individual glue-lam timber elements, as well as the connection detail of 934 points of intersection.


Client: COPAGRI and Expo 2015 S.p.a.
Year: 2015
Location: Milan
Architectural design: EMBT
Structural design: SIO
Computational design: INDEXLAB
Architect of records: EPTA


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