We team up with the most visionary companies to explore the future of construction

Our work embraces engineering, architecture and product design.

We are architects, engineers and industrial designers with a passion for innovation.

Our interest lies in the genesis of form and the overlap of science with art.


What We Do

We are a digital design and fabrication research lab at the Politecnico di Milano.
Our mission is to invent and launch innovative construction systems for the building construction industry.
We tackle ideas that have the riskiness and ambition of early-stage research and approach them with the focus and speed of a start-up. Our goal is to develop these ideas and turn them into proven systems and technologies that make a real impact in the world. We work closely with industrial partners and visionary companies as we try to solve new problems.

Who We Are

INDEXLAB is a team of diverse thinkers from a variety of backgrounds. We are architects, engineers, industrial designers and scientists with deep technical expertise and the passion for design-driven innovation.
We specialize in computational design, digital and robotic fabrication, simulation, interaction and media design.

INDEXLAB was founded in 2010 by Pierpaolo Ruttico, architect and engineer (Ph.D.). Pierpaolo Ruttico is a research fellow at the Politecnico di Milano. He has worked as a designer for PelliClarkePelli Architects in New York City and as a computational designer and robotic fabrication consultant for COOPHIMMELB(L)AU in Vienna. He has been a Guest Critic at SCIarc Los Angeles and his work has been published internationally, including Advances in Architectural Geometry 2012, Encoding Architecture 2013, ESDA 2014, Digital Takes Command 2015, Advanced Construction and Building Technology for Society 2016.


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Indexlab has established productive partnerships

with world-leading institutions and visionary companies.


INDEXLAB – Creativity & Technology

Politecnico di Milano, Polo di Lecco

Via Gaetano Previati 1/c

23900 Lecco



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